Be resourceful! Knowing where to look for useful information is an important skill we encourage and foster across our programmes. We encourage our students to take charge of their learning outside the classroom and provide free tools and resources.

TechSchool students have get access to these resources

Learn new business, creative, & tech skills with expert-led online video tutorials– anytime, anywhere. Acquire new skills. Advance your career. Expand your mind.


NZSE students have access to a wealth of resources through our e-learning platform, Moodlerooms. Discuss questions you have about your course with your tutor and fellow students, take online quizzes about your course content and pick up all your course resources online!

Vital English

You will have free access to one of the world’s best online mobile English courses, Vital English. Communication in English is important to you finding successful employment in New Zealand. The courses cover reading, writing, listening and speaking – as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua is a free online, interactive learning system designed for adult learners to strengthen their numeracy, reading and writing skills. It comprises over 300 modules that are organised in sequences (pathways) of increasing difficulty. Each module includes a sequence of screens which engage the users in learning tasks. The learners can choose between general, trade and service-industry versions of the reading and numeracy pathways. There is also a new rode code pathway. Learners receive immediate and customised feedback on their responses and are able to track their progress.

If you are interested in registering, please email and request NZSE’s joining code.