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talk through design.

New Zealand Certificate in Design & Arts Level 3

You are creative. You love coming up with new ideas, images and concepts. Digital technology can equip you with a powerful set of new tools that will help you bring your ideas to life. Learn the basics of top industry software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and free design tools like Canva. Gain the essential digital skills of Design & Arts the industry is looking for in every potential employee. Or if you are building your own website, portfolio or planning to launch your own exciting new start up, this programme will set you on course.

Every business needs an expert to help them create their branding, create content for their website and app, plan their social media content. Whether you are interested in getting in to digital media, building your own creative brand or print – a qualification in Digital Design is invaluable for any creative professional to get into an exciting career. 

Career opportunities

Graduating with this qualification, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to work in the digital design industry across a wide range of entry level roles

Graphic designer 

Produce slick designs and original graphics for digital and print media and help businesses reach their audience.


Tell stories! Create artworks combining both digital and traditional methods. 

Social Media Marketing Assistant

Produce eye-catching, traffic-generating graphics and help businesses maximise ROI.

Freelance Visual Artist

Be your own boss! Research and generate new ideas and visual concepts, design artworks and graphics for clients and passion projects. 


Turn thoughts into beautiful visual content for artists and businesses. Help storytellers get their message across.

Admission requirements

Open to domestic students and PR holders, provided applicants meet requirements in speaking, listening, reading and writing as assessed at an interview.

Programme structure & paper details




Applied Graphics and Imaging  

  • Use platforms of Adobe Creative tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign at an introductory level.  
  • Utilise the computer to render and realise conceptual ideas and produce final outcomes.  
  • Integrate peripheral image gathering techniques (e.g.  digital, photography, illustration, scanning etc.) with computer  applications to produce digital images and industry presentations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of legal issues for arts and design practices.
  • Review and reflect on own work and the work of others.




Visual Communication and Imaging  

  • Understand and research the role of visual branding in establishing an entity’s identity.
  • Document and present their learning process in a portfolio.
  • Create and apply visual identities across a range of media.
  • Use image and type to communicate complex messages and ideas efficiently and clearly.
  • Select and communicate ideas in written, oral and visual forms.
  • Demonstrate basic operational and theoretical work practices.




Visual Language Past and Present  

  • Research and apply concepts with reference to historic precedents. 
  • Discuss the impact of historical evolution on the design and applications of visible languages in contemporary society. 
  • Present and visually communicate historical/contemporary information. 
  • Research the impact of technological developments on the design and production of visible languages. 
  • Through experimentation, develop imaginative concepts appropriate to project briefs. 
  • Apply knowledge and skills to design and develop symbol forms or letterforms/typefaces through progressive evaluation and refinement. 
  • Collaborate with others to achieve a purpose. 




Design and Multimedia Studio  

  • Research, analyse and interpret a design brief and employ visual, written and verbal research methods.
  • Resolve and apply pertinent conceptual and critical approaches to resolving design problems.  
  • Explore and establish areas in multimedia design. 
  • Understand ethical and legal issues that are relevant to multimedia design practices.  
  • Experiment with drawing, digital design and multimedia techniques.  
  • Compose an effective presentation and portfolio of a design.



Further study pathways



New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation - Art and Design Level 4


Graduate Diploma in Arts (Media Studies) Level 5

Massey University 

Programme fees

Domestic students

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