We feel it’s crucial for secondary school level students to look forward and plan ahead for their career in tech. Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) programme is a fantastic opportunity for secondary school students to look into academic options outside traditional education providers and explore more practical, industry-aligned pathways that fast-track their learning and career. TechSchool plans to run STAR programme-focused workshops during school holidays this year. Watch this space!

TechSchool is invested in secondary schools

Tech to the future

STAR programme enables schools to:

  • Form partnerships with tertiary education providers and businesses to provide vocational education and work experience at secondary school level.
  • Provide an early introduction to the way the industry works and instil interest in further learning and career.
  • Achievement of NCEA and tertiary qualifications within the NZQA framework.

Learn more about STAR programme here.

More to explore!

TechSchool is taking active steps in promoting tech at secondary school level and this year, we are rolling out a series of workshops during school holidays with the aim of encouraging secondary school students to plan ahead and explore a wider set of career and academic pathways.

For more information of STAR programme and TechSchool’s involvement in secondary schools, contact our team on 0800 99 88 11 or email study@techschool.ac.nz